Error Uploading images

I keep getting an error when uploading images to our ignition 8.0 project.
The gateway connection falls out and comes back and then i get this error.

This also happens when I try to save the project.

I’m sorry to hear about the issues you are having, I have a couple of questions:

With the images:

  1. Does this happen will all images or just some?
  2. What is the file size of the images you are uploading?
  3. What type of file are you uploading (svg, png, jpg, gif)?
  4. Can you provide an example image you are having issues with?

With the project:

  1. Does the failure only happen after an image upload fails?
  2. Is this a clean install or did you migrate an existing Gateway?


It happens with any image I try to upload.
A collegue of mine can upload the same images to the same project.
File types vary.
The failure also happes if I try save and publish.
It was a migration yes.

Sure sounds like a networking related issue specific to your computer.

I’m closing this due to inactivity. If you are still having issues, please feel free to open a new post.