Error when attempting to write to a SIM device

I have attempted to create different SIM devices on my Gateway so I can work with the functionality of the Windows. Everytime I try to edit the writeable tag wheter in my SQL Browser or a button I get the same error listed below.

ERROR [SimpleBoundTagAdapter-AWT-EventQueue-0] Error writing “1” to tag TESTPLC/Writeable/WriteableInteger1

I have tried restarting my gateway and deleting and recreating the button and also the OPC-UA. I have 7.3.0 as my version of Ignition.

Please help

The writable sim tags are not actually writable in the 7.3.0 release. We’ve already fixed this for 7.3.1, which will be available soon. The fix may also have made it into the latest 7.3.1 beta release.

Thanks for reporting this.

Thank you Kevin. Much appreciated.