Error when connecting to Banner DXM700 via Modbus TCP

Ignition rookie here and new to the forum and looking for some guidance.
I am trying to connect Ignition to a Banner DXM700 to read registers and also write registers to control and monitor things that are connected to the controller. I have successfully connected the device.

But I the value that shows up in designer is "bad" and the error I get is Bad(bad_timeout: Operation timed out").

Here are some screen shots from designer to help understand my setup.

and the error

Any guidance here?

Unit number?

The device is a DXM700-B1. Is that what you mean by Unit?

The modbus slave unit number. Ignition's driver defaults to slave unit #0. Many devices need something else, particularly if the Modbus TCP interface is really translating to Modbus RTU under the covers.

DXM0 isn't a normal Modbus address, so I presume you used a mapping. Show your mapping.

Very insightul. This is my 1st time trying to connect to a modbus device through ignition. I thought it was odd that I never had to enter the address of the device. How does one change the unit ID of the device I am trying to communicate with?
I have attached a snipet of code from a node-red flow that does what I need. I am trying to eliminate node red and use a integration platform for this work :slight_smile:


When you are manually entering OPC item paths, you prefix the rest of the address with 199., so a complete OPC item path would be something like [deviceName]199.HR1234

I don't use or recommend the address map.

Thanks Phil for the advice. I finally got back to this project and implemented your advice and it worked like a champ!
Appreciate the advice to not use the address map and encode the address into the OPC path