Error when write in ImageFilename tag

Hi community, I'm a beginner in ignition, I'm trying to write in the reference to a file in my tag, but it sends me the following message.

Technical Problem - Parameters in the DB configuration are either missing or wrong - Image Filename - Missing tags


Welcome to the forum, Roberto.
Your question is unusual.

  1. Why would you store a filename in a tag?
  2. How is this related to the database (if that's what DB is)?
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Thanks Transistor , I process .csv files and needs insert the name of the file in DB (SQL Server), I watch this propierty in my tag, but when I try save the information, check the tag and watch this message.

Please supply:

  1. Ignition version.
  2. Vision or Perspective?
  3. Your script. (See
  4. Why are you holding the filename in a tag? Why not just in script variable?