Error while adding exression on Start Date property

Dear Carl,

As per the summary page trends provided by IA in Demo application ,same trends we have configure in our application.

I want to add manual mode for selection and when user will select manual mode it has to take properties set in design mode.

Following things done for above

By default properties for summary page are same as in demo mode

1.In Drop down Chart Name I have added one more mode with ‘Manual’ in datasource with id 3.

2.I have taken spinner(1 to 100) and dropdown having data (Seconds,Minutes,Hours,Days) components as like real mode
for manual mode to pass values to easy chart.When user will select Manual mode these component will get enable.
other wise by default they are disabled.

2.While user will select manual mode at runtime for that I have done following settings in properties.

a.On End Date property I have added SQL query ‘SELECT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP’,

b.On Start Date property I have added expression
dateArithmetic({Root Container.Easy Chart.endDate},-{Root Container.Spinner.intValue},{Root Container.ChartMode.selectedLabel})

c.X Axis Auto Range I have added Expression if({Root Container.ChartMode.selectedValue}!=3,True,False)

3.The moment I added Expression on Start Date my designer gets hanged it gives me following error afer long time.

"Error setting to property to "Mon Nov 09 13:08:16 GMT +05:30 2009 for binding on " Window 1. root.container.1.start date "

Please find error snap attached with the forum.


Shailesh Naik

Can you post the “details” of that error message? It sounds like you’ve simply got a type casting problem - trying to bind a String property “Mon Nov 09 13:08:16 GMT +05:30 2009” to a Date property.

Dear Carl,
Please find details of error.


This means that you have an expression that has a logical loop. So when the expression fires, it causes the expression to fire again because it either directly on indirectly references itself. This causes a call stack loop, and eventually the call stack fills up, giving you a stack overflow.

Are you sure that you don’t have that expression on the end date, or have something bound backwards? If you can’t find the binding loop export the window and send it to us.