Error with custom method call from context menu

I have a button component to perform different actions using the context menu, but have encountered a problem with calling custom methods on the same component. Editor version is 8.1.25 (b2023021409)

To open the menu on the button, I use the following option:

Then I want to call "customMethod" without any parameters from one of the context menu options (also on the button). I also tried with "self.customMethod" in the name property:

The method "customMethod" is defined on the button:

On the gateway logger I get the following error:

Alternatively, we could use messages for the same functionality and that works as intended. Does anybody know why the method approach does not work?

Start here, but read the whole topic:

TL/DR: Install my free Simulation Aids module to get reliable jython behavior with components no matter what java methods delivered them.

This is a known bug, I think right now the fix will be in 8.1.27.

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I installed 8.1.27 today and it looks like they did fix this bug.

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