Error with launching designer on windows

Hi, I’m trying to launch the designer on Windows for ignition edge gateway started on Raspberry pi 3 B. And I have my windows and pi connected to same wifi.

When I open the Designer Launcher on Windows and manually enter the url ( http://“my pi adress”:8088) of my Ignition edge gateway opened on raspberry pi, " host unreachable " gets displayed and I’m not able to add a designer because of this.

Could you please help me with this.

Thank you

Host unreachable is purely a network error, not an Ignition error. Please share more information about your wifi network and any possible firewalls that might be interfering.

My Ignition edge version was 7.9.18 before and then I upgraded it to 8.1.7 version. The host unreachable error got solved automatically after that.

Thank you so much