Error with Sparkline's Desired Range

I’ve run across an issue with the sparkline component where the desired range is displayed when there is no reason for it. When the desired high and low values are outside of the overall range of the sparkline, a shaded area is displayed on the sparkline (in this case, at the bottom):

This can be handled easily enough by either adding logic into bindings on the desired high and low values that either set them to empty strings or the same value as the overall range low value when no desired range should be displayed, but it feels like a step that shouldn’t be necessary.

I experience the same thing and brought it up a while ago

@ynejati responded but I still don’t think the desired line(s) should be visible if either are outside the actual range.

In some cases I have a broad desired limit and tight data that is approaching a lower limit. I don’t think their should be a desired range line visible on the top of the graph if the desired upper limit is well above the actual range being displayed. I really gives a visual indicator that the upper limit is a lot lower than it actually is and it also appears to change if the range increases.

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