Error writing action item result to OPC item: E_Fail

What does this mean? “Error writing action item result to OPC item: Error code returned: E_Fail”. It doesn’t even tell me which action or OPC item is causing the problem.

It only happens when I first turn the group on, then goes away if I browse to another group and come back after a bit. As far as I know it’s not causing any problems. It just bugs me.

It means that FactorySQL tried to write to an item, but the OPC server returned an error code, namely “E_FAIL” (the most generic code).

It’s kind of strange that it would happen regularly when starting the group- where do you think the write is coming from? For example, do you have bi-directional items, action items that write to opc, or just handshakes? Could it be that an action item is forwarding a value to another plc, and on startup the source item doesn’t have a value yet and thus tries to write a null value to the other address, which would fail? Actually, I don’t think FactorySQL will try to write a null, but perhaps it could be something like this.


There are 10 action items in the group and 7 OPC items. I was able to track it down though. One of the action items was set to ignore the group trigger. This was probably set to test something during development and never unchecked. I just unchecked it and there was no error when I started the group, but more importantly the group still functioned the way it’s supposed to.

It would be nice if the error description had a little more detail, like which OPC item was in error.

Yeah, more information would definitely be helpful. I’ll add that as a bug.