Error writing "false" to tag

I already migrate a edge program from 7.10.9 to 8.0.2 in my UDT when i navigate start to appear this message.

What can i do to solve?

I have project in read/write mode


“false” isn’t valid. Whatever script is trying to write to that tag needs to be updated, change it to “False”

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I am looking and every place only let me choose false, not False. Do you know where should i look?
Also appears this error.

Thanks for your help.

I don’t know what to do? seems that Ignition Edge 8.0.2 is not working properly. It is possible? Can be that ignition try to write on tags preconfigured like only read? should i go to ignition 7.9

Does Ignition have checked this issue?

Have you tried editing the tag configuration to not be read-only? Are you sure you are writing a boolean False, not a string "False" ?

This tag has to be read only, but i try to put the session in read and write mode… and the problem persist.

Respect False… i do not know where is written false or False, can you rientate me? were should i look?

This forum is not an official support venue. We try to look at posts here in a reasonably prompt manner, but if you need specific technical help you need to contact support directly, ie email or call in.

Session read-write mode cannot override a tag set to read-only. You simply can’t write to such a tag at all.

In your script.