Error Writing to some tags, but not others

I created a screen awhile back and it displays some counters for the user, and it also allows them to reset these counters via a momentary PB in ignition. When I created it, everything worked fine. The tags in question are through OPCUA built in module.

Today, I got reports from the users that they couldn’t reset the counters from the push button on the screen and I was getting this error:

Error writing “1” to tag (path) StatusCode[Severity=Bad,Subcode=Bad_NoDataAvailable,0x80B10000]

This goes for all of the reset bits which were working just last week, and I verified that there have been no changes to the PLC! I made some test display objects for these tags, and if I change the value manually in the PLC, the object shows the right value, but it cannot be written to…

I went onto the ignition gateway, and, even stranger, I can write to these tags through the quick client with no issues.

Also, this application was used to monitor counters in two different PLC’s, and one of them didn’t have any data at all when I logged in (All screen objects showed red and red broken tags in the top left, and it was all working last week). When I checked into the OPCUA devices page on the gateway, the one in question was connected, but stated that a browse was pending, and it never would move past this. I tried to refresh, but to no avail. Then, I removed the device from the list, and added it again, and was able to connect. Any ideas why this very strange behavior would be occurring?

I still don’t have a resolution to the initial issue as to why the error above shows. Your help is appreciated!