Error Writing To SQLTag

I’m getting the following error …

[quote]Message: Write to SQLTag [[ISTP]MyTagName] failed with code [Bad_NoDataAvailable] - HRESULT: 48000
Logger: Project.Group_31[/quote]
… whenever I attempt to write to the SQLTag, however the value will be accepted regardless. I’ve got the tag within a Transaction Group. If I right-click the entry and select Write to item, I get the above error. Additionally, I’ve got the tag set up within my group for Write handshake on failure. When my group fails, the error occurs. The values I’m attempting to write, however, are still going through … the tag is changing value as expected.

The tags in question are from a local OPC Server, (the same ABB OPC Server I’ve talked about previous conversations and threads).

That’s strange that it’s returning an error but then applying the value. The error code also seems a tad strange, so perhaps the best way to proceed would be to put something between Ignition and the server and record what’s actually going back and forth. I’ll send you a PM on where you can get the tool.


Ok, sounds good … thanks.