Error writing to 'tag'. value bad

Hello everyone, I'm trying to write a tag from the designer, and I'm encountering this error. The connection to the PLC is good, and there don't seem to be any issues with that. Any suggestions for a fix? Thanks.

  1. What makes you think there are no issues with the PLC connection?
  2. What type of tag? OPC?
  3. Can you read the tag in Tag Browser?
  4. What is the tag's Quality value?
  5. Can you write to the tag in Designer's Tag Browser? (You need Full read/write gateway communication allowed" on the Designer toolbar.)
  6. When you got the error was it as a result of trying to write to the tag in the Tag Browser or was it generated by a script?

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i can read the tag in tag browser
the quality is good
im in read/write mode
it is result of trying to write to the tag from tag browser

  1. Is the tag's CanWrite property enabled?
  2. What type of PLC.
  3. What is the datatype in the PLC?
  4. What is the OPC tag datatype?
  5. What value are you trying to write?
  6. Does the PLC have a configuration to enable/disable tag writes?
  1. Is enabled
  2. AllenBradley ControlLogix L72
  3. Boolean
  4. Ignition OPC-UA Server
  5. True
    In previous days, this error didnt appear; the error persists
  1. Show the OPC Item Path in Ignition.

  2. Show that location in the PLC's Controller Tags, expanding the tree as needed, and showing the External Access column.