Errors gateway after removing OPC tags

I’m having an issue when removing OPC tags…

I have a folder with about 45000 tags in it. When I remove it in one go I get tons of strange warnings and errors in my gateway logger:

I also can’t open the client launcher right after removing the tags since it freezes at ‘connecting…’. After about a minute or two everything seems to be working normal again.

I can’t remember having this issue before… Do I need to worry about these warnings?
I’m running Ignition V8.1.7.

Yeah, don’t do that on a production system. The 30 second timeouts are for other parts of the gateway trying to use the internal configuration DB while the tag system is hogging it. (The internal DB is SQLite, which is single-threaded.)

Now, I wouldn’t expect the deletion of that many tags to actually take that long, so you might look at better hardware for your gateway.

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