Escape curly braces in udt opc item path

I noticed this change has been implemented in 8.1.5, but no instruction can be found. Does anyone know how to do this?

Looks like you use additional braces, something like: path{{0}} for an OPC Item Path that would be path{0}.

There’s an open documentation ticket for this still. The training team will likely have this in the manual somewhere for 8.1.5 final.

edit: errr, maybe I’m reading this wrong. It might be a backslash in some cases. Let me ask…

I just tried it on 8.1.5 version, looks like {{0}} produces {null}

Yeah, so it turns out this PR addresses surrounding parameters in brackets.

So… {{deviceName}} becomes {MyDevice}, for example (if you have a “deviceName” parameter).

different than I thought, would be nice to escape brackets using backslash

Honestly that’s what I expected as well, but I guess they had some issues with that.

I think we’re going to open another ticket to investigate further.