Establishing a connection between PLCS7-300 and Ignition

Dear all member,

Please help me to establish a connection between PLCS7-300 and Ignition.

That is: in Simantic step7, I have programmed for an NO contact at address DB1.DBX0.0 to switch Q0.0.

Now how can I set a tag for a button in IGNITION (type DB) to toggle address DB1.DBX0.0 in PLC?

Thank you in advance,


Our Siemens driver does not support browsing so you have to type in an address manually. Open the designer and create an OPC tag in the SQLTags Browser. Give the tag a name, data type, select Ignition OPC-UA as the OPC server and the item path (address) should be:[DeviceName]DB1,X0.0You can take a look at our documentation for the Siemens driver for more information.