Ethernet Fieldbus Connection Checkweigher Device

I have In-Line Checkweighers that I need to connect to from Mettler Toledo and they have ethernet/IP fieldbus module installed on them. What driver can I use to connect to them? Does anyone have experience connecting to other devices with the same setup or other forums posts or pointers they can provide that might help?

@pturmel's driver would probably do the trick.

What are the actual model of these? Do you have user manuals?

Phil's driver may work since they have ENIP.

Once upon a time there were Mettler-Toledo drivers for IND-XYZ and SICS-compatible stuff, but it was unofficial and fell out of maintenance. I'm curious though because maybe they're worth trying to resurrect or rewrite.

Model # is CS3600 XE. Do you think a TCP connection would work? I just found this on the spec sheet as well:


In that case, I'd say, the standard Ignition TCP driver. Ethernet/IP is a different protocol. Sorry for the false alarm, Phil. :wink:

EDIT: IIRC, those were Raw ASCII over Ethernet, right?

Hopefully it is just TCP, the rep from Mettler Toledo kept using the phrase EtherNet/IP

Looking at the XE manual, it mentions EIP as a fieldbus protocol. Without seeing the actual unit, the EIP interface may be a separate RJ45 connection.

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