Euromap 77/83 on Ignition


We are using Ignition to monitor injection machines through Euromap 77/83 Standard. However, we couldn`t find a way to set a new device and receiving data from it.

Could anyone please help us on this subject?

Thank you.

Are you saying you are already receiving data from a machine in ignition, and just trying to monitor another? Are you using Kepware?

@josborn I wasn’t able to communicate with the machines at all. I’m using just the Ignition OPC UA server.

They don’t have a built in driver for euromap. Kepware has a euromap 63 driver, but im not seeing one for 77 or 83.

Edit: Euromap 77 and 83 mention OPC UA, if your machines have an OPC UA server that you can see, you could potentially add it as 3rd party opc server in ignition.

Just to update this topic, I have managed to connect with the IMM using the Euromap 77/83 standard using the Ignition. I could see all the parameters related to the IMM object, but, unfortunately, as we already know, the Ignition don`t has the ability to track Events and Alarms, and the main parameters are sent through this feature.

So, right now, as you suggested, I`ll try to use a 3rd party OPC UA client to test if I could store the parameters and send to Ignition.

Thank you.

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I am currently trying to connect a Roboshot IMM via 63 or 77, could you tell me what driver you are using to connect at this time? I have purchased the Fanuc E63/E77 interface software and plan on installing it tomorrow, but if there are other options i would be interested.

My understanding of these standards is limited, but what I’ve gathered is that E77 and E83 standards are defined in terms of OPC UA, as companion specs, and so any machine or interface software that supports E77 or E83 by definition is or has an OPC UA server. You should be able to make an OPC UA connection to that server from Ignition.

E63 is another story, and you’ll need something like Kepware or another server to make the bridge.

Interesting…I purchased Fanuc software (my press ahs fanuc controls) and it was explained to me that the software was an OPC server. This is why I was curious about how @Rafael_Matos had connected his machine. I guess I will have to read a little more on the interface.

Hello, @ssilk76

For Euromap 63 you need to use a 3rd party software, as Keepware Server as example. For Euromap 77/83, you can use the OPC UA driver that is already implemented in Ignition.

What you need to know to get the information from the device is that all devices that have Euromap 77/83 standard they are working as a server. So, inside the Ignition, you need to create a connection to a new OPC UA server and put the IP from the device that you’re trying to connect. Most of the devices, use the standard port to connect, which is 4840.

Before connecting to Ignition, you can test it using UA Expert from Unified Automation.