EV charger OCPP1.6 protocol choice of integration with ignition


I'm trying to implement a HMI for an EV charger. The protocol of communication used by the charger is OCPP1.6 :

The OCPP1.6 protocol of the charger is based on JSON over WebSocket. Currently I'm able to communicate between ignition and the charger with a hardware gateway modbus to OCPP1.6:


But I found some python drivers parsing OCPP1.6 transactions that makes me wonder the necessity of the hardware gateway to communicate with ignition:


So, do you have any suggestions on how I could communicate with an EV charger directly with ignition over websockets without the need of the physical gateway modbus? A solution that I see is to create a python software modbus OCPP1.6 gateway running outside of the ignition project, but is there any more straight forward solution?

Thank you!

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Sounds like an opportunity to make a new driver module with the SDK. (:

Might be doable in jython with jetty's websocket support.

Hello Emile, I would realy be interested to communication with you and know how does the Intesis work.
I could also show you what I have done with Ignition. (CSMS solution)

I'm going to reactivate this thread because I have found myself int he same situation. Has anyone else been able to get Ignition to connect to OCPP v1.6 or 2.0 chargers?

for your information there is a new OCPP driver for Ignition made by Baudrate IO

Open Charge Point Protocol for Ignition SCADA (baudrate.io)