Event Based Trending in Ignition

Hi Guys,
I am curious to know if anyone has done or if possible to create a chart based on an event happening out on the plant floor.
Thank you for any input.


For example, Whenever a batch is complete (which is a bit in the PLC that would go off) plot the batch number on the x-axis and the weight on the y-axis

I don’t see why not. A gateway tag change event script could call system.report.executeAndDistribute() to collect the recent data and send the report to a printer. Or email, whatever.

I am sorry, I should clarify. I am working in ignition 8.1. I’m looking to build a XY Chart based on an event like I described previously. Most the charts in ignition currently seem to be mainly time-based. I’m wondering if you could use a chart and build the data based on an event.

It’s just data. Query for the last X events that you record in the DB. You do have to record the events and their associated data. A tag change event script can do that, too. Or a Transaction Group with your PLC tag as a trigger.

So basically use the ignition historian to store my events using the tag change event script, then use create maybe a dataset of that data then bind that dataset to the graph.

If you use the historian, you don’t need a tag change event script. But the historian won’t save any associated data. For that you need a custom script, or use the SQL Bridge module’s Transaction Group feature.