Event & event=event

Could I get a little bit of information on functions containing Event and also Event=Event?
Here’s an example of each.

[color=#FF00FF]def[/color] refreshTablesb[/b]:
root = fpmi.gui.getParentWindowb[/b].rootContainer
source = app.util.getRootb[/b].getComponent([color=#8000FF]“Dest Table”[/color])
dest = app.util.getRootb[/b].getComponent([color=#8000FF]“Source Table”[/color])
sourceEquipmentID = source.EquipmentID
destEquipmentID = dest.EquipmentID

[color=#FF00FF]def[/color] refreshDataSetsb[/b]:

Functions usually do not have scope within the event handler that triggered them (when defined within that event). So you have to pass the event variable as a parameter to the function. See more on Python functions.