Event handlers option for windows

I recently got told that you can access window event handlers with the shortcut Ctrl+J

Any chance we can add the event handlers to the right click drop down menu for windows in the project browser?

I looked everywhere for that before I asked in this forum and because it wasnt on the list I figured the help file was talking about the root container which then lead me astray for quite a while.

I know how to get there now but the next guy might not…

You have my vote. Prior to 7.2 it used to be a bit more obvious when windows used to float in the designer. It was more intuitive, to me anyway, to right click on the header. The new and improved window editing makes it a little more confusing to access that. I agree that the project browser is a good place for it.

Another possibility would be to add it to the tab at the bottom…

EDIT: rephrase, add context menu to the bottom tab. :wink: