Event logger

I’m attempting to create a database that can store all sorts of different events and timestamp them.
I want to look to the table to see when different users write to the OPC-UA and also keep track of faults and general trending of whatever tags I want to keep tracks of in this log.

I was wondering if there is some sort of module designed to handle these things? I thought I had remembered looking at something like this before.
In addition to this, I am going to be writing all of these logs to a text file which I already have worked out using event tag change scripting.

You’re looking for the Auditing feature - which can be found in the gateway under Security -> Auditing. This creates a DB table with event logging, and you can also look at the log in the gateway. Once a profile is created, go into the designer and go to Project -> Properties and under Project -> General, enable auditing and choose the audit profile to be used.

got it, thanks