Event Meter

Ok, This should be straightforward, but I must be having a “duh” moment. While I already feel like an idiot for not figuring this out, I won’t mind feeling like a bigger idiot if you guys can point in the right direction. :laughing:

  1. Does this automatically store the result in the database, or do I need to use an Action Item?

  2. In a “normal” operation is it looking for a transition from low to high (assume boolean values)?

  3. Can I use multiple Event Meters in one group?

Example: I want to count the number of times a boolean value goes true. I think “No problem!”. I make a new group and drag my tag into it, edit the entry to make it an Event Meter.

But-- starting the group gives me a 1 in the database, regardless of how many times I cycle the tag on and off. Kinda like a boolean result.

I’ve check that the db field is an integer type, but from there my brain goes fuzzy. Any hep is appreciated.


Well, you’re right- all of that should be very simple. I think the problem is that your item’s type is probably set to Boolean, since that’s what the source is, instead of Integer, which is what it should be since as an event meter, the item is now a counter.

To answer your other questions… First, when an item is configured as an event meter, it’s value is the count- so that’s what will be written to the database. No need for extra steps. Second, you can have as many of them as you want.

Normally the event meter is triggered on the rising edge. If you’re accumulating on 0, though, it’s on the falling edge.

Let me know if you have your item set to an Integer and it’s still not working…

See what I mean about a “duh” moment? That’s exactly what it was. And right under my nose where I couldn’t see it!

Thanks, Colby!


Eh, don’t feel bad. Things like that are always good feedback as to the little things that we need to improve in order to reduce problems/speed up development. When you change it to an hour or event meter, it should change to Integer by default. You’re not the first person to get thrown off by that.