Event Meters


I’d like to create a standard transaction group that logs the number of times a valve opens or closes, but I’m having trouble setting up an event meter item. I create and then try changing a Group Item’s properties, but anytime I choose event meter and click apply, it resets to direct value. The SQLTag data types are integer, and I’ve tried with both OPC and DB tags. The hour meter works fine, but I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong with the event meter settings. Does anyone have any suggestions?



There definitely seems to be something wrong from the UI point of view- but are you sure it doesn’t actually take affect? Do you get a little lightning bolt in the item’s “properties” column?

I just tried it out and the display value kept popping back to “direct value”, but the functionality seemed to work fine (besides showing “stale” until the first event occurs).

Just curious - we’ll get the ui fixed soon, but I want to try an replicate any other problems as well.


Hi Colby,

Yes, the lightning bolt appears, and the item does in fact function as an event meter even though the dialog forces it to display direct mode. It looks like it’s just a UI issue.

Thanks for your help.