Event Navigation Array Parameters

I have this parameter on a view I want to open in a pop-up image

I can’t figure out the syntax in the event configuration section. I figured it would be something like this:

But that gives me a null value. Is this possible?

try having tag.lastReadTime as the name and just passing hello as the value. I know that you can read from objects in a similar fashion so maybe it will work this way as well

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, it didn’t work. When I try that, I do not get a null value. Instead, I get the default value for that parameter. In this case “test”.

Okay, so ignition is interpreting what you are passing it as a path to a property instead of treating it as a standalone object. If you notice if you select a path to a parameter, it shows as {path.to.item.parameter} in the value box

You can get around this by either by creating a custom property on the root container of whatever is calling the popup and then referencing that custom property in the event or you can utilize system.perspective.openPopup in scripting, which will allow you to pass pretty much anything to the popup parameter.

Thanks Ryan. The first suggestion still gave me the default value. I ended up using system.perpsective.openPopup as you suggested.