Event on client update

Running version 7.5.6 b1316 on Windows 2008 R2

I need to close all windows and open a custom login window when the client is “updated” (User clicks on the update bar)

Where or how can I catch this event?

Or make the client act like the first time it is opened when the user updates.

Unfortunately there is no way to do this. Upon update the client will always return to the runtime state it was in before the update.

What is your reasoning for wanting to do this?

*EDIT: So after jumping to a conclusion I found a way that you can manage this. There is a System\Client tag called EditCount that you can watch. This tag increments when every there is a save to the project but will only update after the client has clicked the update banner. You can try a simple client tag change script to watch for a change and then run your redirect script. If for some reason the tag change script doesn’t catch the change (due to the reload process. I’m pretty sure it will though) you could store the current value in a memory tag when the client launches and then run a fast timer script that is constantly diff-ing the memory tag and the EditCount tag and when a change is detected run your script. I really don’t think the second method will be necessary but I wanted to include it just in case.

you’re a genius :astonished: