Event Script Gateway

I have a script running in the event script gateway timer that simply increments a tag. Noticed that tag does not update its value in the sql browser. However, it does show that it’s updating when viewed in the tag diagnositc popup window. It does update to the current value when refreshing within the tag dagnostic popup window. It also updates in the sql tag browser when using the refresh on the sql tag browser tools. It does not update if you right click on the tag and refresh in the popup window. Why doesn’t it update the tag value in the browser? Works ok in the script playgound.

I’m having a difficult time replicating this, what version of Ignition are you using?

7.5.2 b1146 & the latest 7.5.3 beta. This executes every 5 sec. Works in the script playground but not in the event script gateway. Right click on the tag diagnostics and refresh you can see the tag incrementing but it is not incrementing in the sql tag browser.

data = system.tag.read("testgwscript") data.value = data.value + 1 system.tag.write("testgwscript", data)

Works with the following script. However, its strange why the previous script worked in the script playground.

data = system.tag.read("testgwscript") data = data.value + 1 system.tag.write("testgwscript", data)

Ok, now I see what you mean, thanks for posting your script. I was able to replicate the issue, I will talk to a developer to see why that tag won’t update in the browser.