Event Scripts and Z-Order

I have a view where items on a conveyor can be shifted between 1 of 2 tracks via a turntable.
The layering of this view has a number of overlays and the turntable object is under the overall conveyor layer. I need to have a “click” event script accessible on the turntable object in order to open its popup view. Unfortunately the overlying layer seems to prevent the click action. If I bring the turntable up in the Z-Order then the vehicles on the conveyor show under the turntable object. That is an annoyance but the customer does not like it. I would like to avoid an “invisible” object over the the turntable (and conveyor) to provide the click event functionality. So, is there a way to allow lower Z-Oder items to have this click event exposed when something else is overlaying them?



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Once again my fears are realized! :rofl:
That’s what I figured but thought I’d ask the experts.

If you have a custom theme, then you can add the CSS property pointer-events: none; to the vehicles.

Unfortunately the vehicles have click event scripts on them as well. I’ll have to make due.