Event that fires when opening a page?

I’m curious whether any bindable event fires each time a page is loaded, rather than the actual Session startup, or if there’s something I can stick on the page that just immediately fires once. I need to take some parameters that are being passed to the page and run them through a the database to set everything up, but the script for onStartup doesn’t run like that.

View or component startup should probably do what you need?

There is nothing that fires when “opening” a “page” (we’re trying REALLY hard to make sure that users understand that Views are not “pages”, but all Page Configurations must have a linked View, and that even configured Pages aren’t opened in the purest sense), but Views do have their own Startup Events. You can locate and configure these events by right-clicking a View node (not the root node, but the actual named View) in the Project browser, and then selecting “Configure Events”.

There is a known bug where this option is not always immediately visible, depending on whether or not the View node was already selected; if you don’t see the option, left-click the View node, then right-click it again.