Example for authentfication module


I would ike to create module for adding an Authentication Profile.
what is the way t follow ? :scratch:

A simple module example added in the SDK with harcoded user and pwd, would be Perfect to start !

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I also think this is not really clear how to do this. The main issue is probably becauce the Ignition Programmers guide is referring to an AuthenticationManager which does not seems to exist.

The closest I have found is the GatewayContext.getUserSourceManager, which seems to be the extension point to are after. You can then add your own UserSourceProfileType on this manager and then you need to implement your own UserSourceProfile… From there on, I think it should not be too difficult, but again I haven’t tried it.



In 7.6 it’s now UserSourceProfile and UserSourceManager you need to deal with… but you’re right, a simple example would be nice.

My project is in 7.5.5, I can’t upgrade to 7.6.
(few specifics modules coded with the previous SDK API Version and my project is in production)

A Possible upgrade to 7.5.X LTS.
But with this LTS release, what is the associate SDK API Version ? the same as the 7.6 ?

What about user management in this SDK ? UserSourceProfile and UserSourceManager or other ?

I have perhaps another bypass solution but I need a new parameter for
in order to use user authentification with existing LDAP profile and then trick about roles directly with jython ignition script to swith with local profile.