Examples of ignition use cases in textile industry- MES etc

Hi does anyone have any examples of use cases of ignition as an MES in a textile manufacturing environment (fabric cutting, sewing etc) garment manufacturing and planning from my understanding has been a challenge for traditional ERP/MES due to the size ranges and Bom complexity.
Wanted to ask the experts if any of you have seen or developed/worked on examples built in ignition.
I have a site that is going to migrate its ERP over to SAP but there will be a potential gap in the planning and execution side of things from the existing system.
There are some “off the shelf textile specific solutions available but most are not as open as Ignition etc.
Hive mind help me out with your collective experience



I don't have experience with textiles whatsoever - that being said, I've worked in a very specific industry (metals) and we upgraded our generic Sage ERP to a specific one made only for this very specific industry. I can't say that it's a fact, but if an ERP/PMI/MES is built specifically for a single industry, you'll very likely get a product that's black box, little interoperability with other systems, little to no integration options. This has been my experience, at least.

I have Ignition experience with fabric cutting, sewing, etc for upholstery. The entire MES system is not completely built in Ignition as some aspects still exist in our IBM AS400 system. I'll answer any of your questions that I'm able to.

With Ignition you'll have to build a lot from the ground up, but the possibilities are almost limitless.

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There is an MES extension for Ignition so you wouldn't have to build the MES components from scratch in Ignition. It's called Sepasoft and they have a lot of info on their web site. They probably have people to talk specific requirements when you get to that stage. Also, SAP integration is one of the modules they offer.

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