ExaOPC connection

Has any one come across with Ignition Server to ExaOPC Server.
I have a yokogawa centum VP and would like to make connection to its ExaOPC server from ignition and not sure how to establish this. I made several attempt using the document of Centum VP ExaOPC , but was not successful.
If any one could share, would be a great help.

I have not seen any response to this query? No one knows about this ExaOPC?

I don’t know ExaOPC specifically. One thing I did notice was that it use OPC DA, not UA. In order to use OPC DA with Ignition, you need to install the OPC Core Components from the OPC Foundation. There’s some information in the Ignition User Manual on this. See the section on OPC COM for more information. There are also a few forum posts about OPC DA, although none of them about ExaOPC specifically.

You are correct . This is OPC DA COM connection. I have made several attempt to do this to Yokogawa and unfortunately wasn’t successful, though had correct program ID and credentials. Any ways, still go to fight with it to see if it can be connected. But this might be a stupid question that, why Ignition doesn’t have a driver to connect to the Centum VP controller as device. ?
May be integrity issue for yokogawa to use a third party driver. Not sure.

Developing a driver is a big investment in developer time, support time, equipment, and training. I’ve never heard of or seen a Centrum VP controller until you asked about it, so… it doesn’t make much sense. Especially since there’s already an OPC server from the manufacturer themselves.

Kevin , you are right. That is why is said, it is a stupid question rom me…Since you guys are pioneers in this world, know the in and out of all these system. Being an end user, don’t know much about it.
The best thing that I liked about Ignition is platform independent and more flexible, and those are the bad side of DCS too. where I have to have application installed. That was the only reason me thinking of linking to DCS to retrieve the tag values to trend it on ignition.
Sorry for being stupid…

Not a stupid question, don’t be so hard on yourself.

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Just to double check, did you install the OPC Core Components?

I agree with Kevin about economics being the reason for not including a Yokogawa. There aren’t enough people asking for it to make it worthwhile for Inductive to add it.

Is Modbus/TCP an option? Most DCS systems support it at least nominally. Ignition does have native support for Modbus/TCP.

if you install matrikon opc explorer on the computer that has exaopc installed on it, can you see the exaopc server listed in the opc servers and can you connect to it?

thats the first place i start.

I have some experince with Exaopc. which version of Exaopc do you use?