Excel add-in for the historian


All major historians come with an Excel add-in that enable the users to extract data from the historian to excel by themself.

I never found something similar for the Ignition's historian.

Since the historian is SQL based, maybe someone did something?

If you install the WebDev module you can setup endpoints that excel can connect to and pull historical data from.

Maybe this will get you started,

We’ll, the philosophy here is different because the ssl db is open and data model is public Ignition Database Table Reference - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation.
Using Excel external datasource, you can query as you want. Of course you need to deal with the data model.
Often, reporting module,I used for that purpose.
But, yes, all historian with closed model have a xl plug-in.

Thank you for asking, I have been searching this forum all day with no luck on this. Our users are very familiar with extracting data directly within excel using the Historian Add-In and many of our engineers have made their own fancy spreadsheets for doing all kinds of data analysis. As we transition to Ignition in the next few months, this is going to be a huge roadblock for us I think. I was really hoping maybe someone had created some custom add-in or macros posted on the exchange site that we could use.

Not sure about how successful it'll be, but just push your request here https://ideas.inductiveautomation.com; at least, it'll grab attention of some xl geek and who knows...
I cna understand that this is tempting, but may be something related to Power BI would have more traction.

Just found that Ignition MySQL FunctionPack - WorkSmart Automation. Did not test, don't know the price, don't know the company, but if you make some tests, please share with the community.

Thanks, looks like they have a free trial. We'll give it a shot!

Great Idea, our corporate IT has recently rolled out PowerBI, so maybe that is the way we should go.

PowerBI in particular provides support to fetch from a REST API. With the WebDev module, you can pretty easily wire up an endpoint on your Ignition gateway that will return historian data.