Excel document generation

Hello, I need to create specific report that contains table, and formatted text in xls format. Standart ignition functions can create only csv files, and don’t meet my demands. I made a brief search and found xlwt and xlrd python packages, which could help me:
pypi.python.org/pypi/xlrd/0.7.1 . But I can’t see any mean to add them to ignition. I’m trying to add all source files to script modules (not that many of them altogether luckily) and combine them in package, still without success. Could you advise me an easier way? Is it actually possible, or maybe there already is way I don’t know about?

Have you looked at the exportExcel and dataSetToExcel functions? Both of these functions will export to a .xls file type.

There currently isn’t a way to import 3rd party Python packages.