Excel report big table in one page

I created an excel report with one big table (> 30 rows) but when I receive my excel report by email the table is divided into multiple pages.
How can I make this table in one Excel page ?


The simple answer is to change the page properties - just make it a custom size that’s large enough (vertically) to get all of your data onto a single rendered “page”, which will then be converted into a single Excel sheet.

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I face the same problem, i have the following report:

when i save it as xls i get all the data divided in different sheets like the following picture:

Are you really sure there’s nothing we can do to have all the information in one sheet?

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…Yes, there is something you can do - change the page properties to a custom size that’s extremely tall.
This does make the report unusable if you want to print it as a PDF or something, so you’ll probably want to duplicate the report and make the modifications to a specifically-for-Excel-exporting report.

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It works. Thanks !
Unfortunatly, It’s not dynamic so you have to put an insane page height.

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