Excel to Ignition Tag Import File creator

ForumVersion.zip (64.5 KB)
I wanted to share this useful tag creation tool I made with y'all!!!

Making a lot of UDT's is easy with the Multi Instance Wizard, but to my knowledge it doesn't let you do Standard tags. During a FactoryTalk to Ignition conversion I needed to make ~400 OPC tags and quickly mass modify them on site, so I made the first version. Since then I have slowly made improvements over time and I wanted to share it for others to modify and use themselves.

I also made it so you can easily add more Standard and UDT DeviceTypes to the excel for any of your own projects, there is a HOW TO USE sheet with instructions. This has also helped me during project startup when I use a lot of reference tags before the program is complete. There's definitely flaws with it and this is the first version I actually felt I could share without it immediately breaking in other's hand. Still if you need to make a lot of Standard and UDT tags at once, feel free to try out this thing I made.

Sorry I haven't prettied it up yet, I'll post an upgraded version eventually.

Note: I included an Export of the UDT that's already in the Excel. Additionally all the tag names that were there from testing and examples were changed for confidentiality. Granted there's not much a random person can do with the OPC source path for a random PLC from a job site they don't know. Still better safe, then possibly fired.

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