Excel xls data import

Hi There,

I posted a question a couple of weeks ago regarding importing data from excel, thank you for the replies, however the responses were relating to a CSV file as opposed to an XLS format.

Basically we are trying to import a schedule of work orders along with the required production qty required for monitoring and providing some custom dashboards to the progress.

The customer is unable to provide this as a CSV file or through SQL, they want to manage their existing spreadsheet and have us import it periodically without any export function etc.

If anyone knows how to do this and if this can be achieved using the standard tools within ignition it would be greatly appreciated if anyone can provide examples of this. The spreadsheet structure is fixed and I have explained that if it is possible that any changes to the spreadsheet could break the import process.

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I think you will have to do this through Python.
Here are some links that should help:

I’ve done this in Perl ages ago. I’ve never tried in Python so I can’t give you direct help. Just point you in the right direction.

You can also buy this module:

marketplace.inductiveautomation. … oduleId=73

or make your own with the Ignition SDK and a java library to open excel files.


Thank you for your responses, I shall look into these


Hi Ross, I would like to know if you had success and how did you do that. Thank you