Exception parsing module.xml

Hello, I am part of a small development team and I have been tasked with trying to get Ignition to accept our module and make tests to ensure that the data we are passing from Ignition to the module actually works.

Currently another developer is working on the data pipeline and another developer is working on extracting the data from the hardware component that we are trying to integrate so I am working with a mostly empty module save some dummy data values.

Where I am running into issues currently is that I can package the module using the maven “package goal” but when I got to install it onto my host I receive an “Exception parsing module.xml”.

Going through the log it looks like an issue is maybe with our version number since it includes ALPHA in the name:
Caused by: java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: “0-ALPHA”

I’ve also noticed that Maven is packing the module.xml in a completely different file path. Is this a normal behavior?

Me and another developer were putting our heads together and we are fairly certain the Ignition-Maven-Plugin has been configured properly, but it is possible that we made a mistake. We are both pretty new to Ignition in general, lead alone module development.


It was the -ALPHA in the version that was causing the issue.

Yes, the version must be three or four unsigned integers separated by dots, and each integer must fit in 31 bits.