Exception: Signature did not verify

we get the message “com.inducti…UAException: Signature did not verify” (See Screenshot

). We try to connected via “node-opcua”: “0.4.5” and a SecureChannel “Sign And Encrypt” to an OPC UA server from Ignition Version 7.9.9.
What could be the root cause of this failure? Is it possible to get a more detailed error message.

We guess may:

  1. the automatically created certificate of node-opcua is wrong
  2. The client certificate must be added to an opc ua trust list (How is this handled in ignition?)
  3. The node-opcua client may not trust the server certificate

With Secure Channel “None” everything is working.

Anyone who could help please?

What security policy are you connecting with? Is there any way we can easily reproduce this with that client if needed?

On the surface it just looks like they’re doing something wrong when sending an Open Secure Channel Request.

Solved: The public and private key did not match any more after an update of our docker containers.