Exchange Challenge - Win fame and glory

Hey folks, we wanted to let you know about the Exchange Challenge, in case you hadn’t seen it in our news feeds. We’re running a contest for ICC 2020 through Aug 31st, selecting the top 3 winners, and will be featuring the winners at the ICC and in the Exchange itself. In addition to being mentioned during the conference and having your resource featured on the Exchange website, we also have a cash prize if you’re the top winner and based in the United States. (Sorry to our international folks; we had to restrict that part for legal reasons.)

Check out the details here:

The contest itself started June 23rd, so if you’ve submitted anything recently, you’re already entered. If not, get your resources in there!

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This just in! From the IA newsletter:

“In addition to the prizes that IA is awarding, several Onboard partner companies – OnLogic, Uticor & Opto 22 – are donating thousands of dollars worth of hardware as a reward to the winners of the Exchange Challenge.”

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Does Canada count as one of the 50 states?

You could petition for statehood… (:

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