Exclude Error message from Gateway

Hi All,

I’ve set up a valid connection to 2 devices ( through TCP Driver ).
They are connected but sometimes they disconnect due to a network issue, but this is not a problem.
Any time they disconnect, an error message appears in the Gateway Logs ( Gateway Web page - Status - Diagnostics - Logs ) and since this happens quite a lot, the Gateway Logs are full of this error message, making it difficult to check for other error messages.
Is there a way to exclude the log of this error message?

PS: Inside the TCP Device, property Inactivity Timeout is set to 0 ( disable )
The error message I receive is: ...drivers.TCPDriver[NORD].TCPConnection[23 23May2019 17:28:16 Connection lost.

Pushing this topic again. We have 4 machines that regularly get shutdown. We don't care about these devices being disconnected, but it makes it really difficult to keep them enabled because our logs get slammed by constant connection errors for days at a time.

Use a script to enable and disable as appropriate for the change in machine status.

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I wasn't aware there was a way to disable an opc connection on the gateway via a script.

This thread was about driver connections - are yours actually OPC connections?

IA's native TCP driver is mentioned in the OP.


Sure, and @alex.chmelka mentioned OPC connections:

Ah yes this was an option. It can work, but reenabling the device once you disable it via script is a bit tricky. I'd have to tie it to if the device is connected, disable it if it fails, then constantly ping the device until I get a response and enable it again?

Yes, unless you can get "device powered" from some other subsystem.