Execute Stored Procedure

Ok how do I execute a stored procedure in FSQL and pass along a variable with it?

I know in FPMI you use the exec ‘proc name’ ‘variables’

Of course without the quotes, but when I try that in FSQL it gives an error.

Where are you trying that query? On a expression item?

Action Item Configuration
SQL Query radial button checked

What is the error you are getting?

It will not allow me to save the query.

I have tried

executeQuery(exec proc_name {variable})
exec proc_name {variable}
exec proc_name ‘{variable}’
executeQuery(exec proc_name) notice without variable just to see if it would save it

While it does save some variations most times it says a statement error has occured do you wish to continue.

So what is the correct format for calling a stored procedure from within Factory SQL in the Action Item Configuration section?

Well, the query must be in double quotes like:executeQuery(concat("exec proc_name ", {variable}))

Travis’ response is correct, if you have the “expression” mode selected. With “SQL Query” mode, you should be able to use simply:

exec proc_name {tag}

As Travis asked, what error does it give you when you click OK? The only thing I can get to come up is that the referenced item doesn’t exist, if I use a name that doesn’t exist in the group.