Execute Transaction Group from Script

Is there a way to execute a transaction group from a script?

Have a look in the manual.


Look at the trigger option and see if you can create a binding on the trigger condition to use the same thing that's triggering your script.

Otherwise give us more details on your setup.

Actually I have a memory tag connected to a Gateway Scheduled Script that runs Monday to Friday at 3:58 pm, this scripts activates the tag and there for activates the transaction group, I was just asking if there’s a way to directly execute the transaction group from the script.

Without the need of the trigger.

There is no way to directly trigger a transaction group from a script.

However, you could just use a scheduled trigger and have the transaction group configured to execute on the needed schedule.

Understanding Transaction Groups - Schedule

Create boolean variable.
Create transaction group with a trigger linked to this variable.
When script is executed, use system.tag.write to modify value of this boolean.

If you are going to write a script, have it do the entire operation. Skip having the transaction group entirely. Don't screw around with trigger tags--resetting afterwards reliably, without double executions or missed executions, is difficult to get right.