Executeanddistribute open report in new tab

Does anyone know of a way to open a report pdf in a new tab directly?

Opening a popup with a report viewer has the Open button if its enabled but that adds the steps of opening or downloading before being able to print to your clients default printer.

Current actions for executeAndDistribute do not include open in a new tab.

system.report.executeAndDistribute - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation (inductiveautomation.com)

I think you are missing the fact that when browser “directly” opens a PDF is actually storing the file in a temporal directory.

Anyways, just use this button at the right bottom of the report viewer.
it will open the report in .PDF in a new browser tab

I know I can push that button. But can one script that button to be pushed?

Probably not. Scripts are running on the gateway, not the actual frontend session. Also, browsers generally don’t want you to pop up new tabs unsolicited.