.executeAndDistribute vs .saveAsXls?


I have created a report and I pass it Client Tags in a Report Viewer component. I would like to automatically save a PDF and XLS file of this report with no user interaction.

I have experimented with .executeAndDistribute, but it does not appear to generate a report based on the Designer’s Client tags. Maybe .executeAndDistribue will not work with any Reports that use Client Tags?

I have also found .saveAsXls. I can provide a string for my networkPath and pull the suggestedFilename. Is there anyway to make .saveAsXls run without a Save popup box? I am already providing the filename with Network Path, so the user is just clicking save.

I wound up using .executeAndDistribute . I had to make some Gateway tags to do some Selects against my DB to find when the most Recent Record changes. Then I wrote a shared script to pass the most recent Record as Reporting Parameters to the .executeAndDistribute. The EandD then saves the Report as XLS and PDF to a shared drive.

Only thing I think I am going to change is the Single Gateway tags that monitor for New Records probably need to become some sort of Queue. I wrote the original Client to rely all on Client Tags and Named queries so multiple client could run, collect Serial Data and submit to DB independently of each other and independent of GW tags/ Transaction Groups.

The Automatic Reporting appears like it can only be done on the Gateway. So I am pretty sure I need a queue to handle multiple clients submitting their records. From the Start of one client submitting its initial Serial Data, it might take 5-7 mins for the machine to do all the tablet testing and then finally submit the Test end timestamp from machine to signify completion.

I don’t think there is a way to do Data Driven Report Scheduling based on finding “new data” from querying a DB table?