executeReport returns nothing

Hello all,

Trying to execute a bunch of reports filtered by a row selector and save them all to a given folder. That wasn’t the problem, it’s been working for a few hours until it stopped working. I’ve been investigating and found out that executeReport doesn’t return anything, just getting an empty byte array.

Running this from a simple button click in my project gives the same empty byte array

bytes = system.report.executeReport("loadtest/standard", "testcenter",  { 'certificate id':'18d7dd29-1586-11ec-b712-4c028912125d'}, 'pdf')
print len(bytes)

Showing the same certificate in the Report Viewer component works fine and I can right click and save to pdf with no problem. I know it’s not a problem with the path or project arguments as they’re raising an error if invalid.

I hope someone can help figure out what’s going on

Anything in the Gateway Log?

Yes, found I’m getting these when I press the button.

[projectName=testcenter,reportPath=loadtest/standard] Error gathering data for report

I’ll have to investigate what’s going on as the report viewer shows the report just fine.

I figured it out.
I found a sub query where one of the parameters didn’t have a binding to a field in the main query anymore. I don’t know how that happened, I probably messed around with something.

The PC running ignition became unresponsive today so it was restarted. I didn’t figure it out before after that because the Report Viewer and the report designer suddenly started complaining about the missing binding