Executing a Java file in Ignition

Hey all,

I’m using an RFID reader made by Impinj to constantly read RFIDs entering and leaving an area. Impinj has a proprietary SDK called Octane SDK and gives some sample Java code. I took one of the sample programs and reformatted it so that it outputs I need in comma separated format. I compiled that sample file (and 2 others it depended on) and put them into the com\impinj\octane folder in the .jar file. I then put the .jar file into Ignition\lib\core\gateway. My question is: how am I able to execute my .class file located in the .jar, called ReadTags?

When I execute ReadTags in Command Line, it opens a connection with the reader and continues giving me data until I press Enter. I’m envisioning something like:

from com.impinj.octane import ReadTagsPeriodicTrigger

reader1 = ReadTagsPeriodicTrigger('')

I realize that I may have approached this a little abnormally so I’m open to any and all feedback.

Thank you in advance!

EDIT: Modified the code to remove a . in line 2

A decent start. I’m not familiar with that product, but you’ll probably want to figure out what part of the library invokes a callback or Consumer-type interface and use that. You do not want to use console operations.

Hmm. I’m not familiar with the callback or consumer interface. Does it have a popular name in programming, something I can look for?

I would have thought those are the common names… /-:

Try starting here.

These are generally related to asynchronous and/or functional programming.

We don’t know anything about your library or its API so I’m not sure we can offer any advice on how you’re supposed to call it.