Executing named queries remotely

Hello everyone,

I have two gateways (gateway 1 with an SQL database and gateway 2 without any database, both of them are remote gateways). Is it possible to execute named queries on gateway 2 and from that be able to have access to the gateway 1 database?

Because I do not have access to database gateway 1 on gateway 2 I do not know how to do this.

Thank you!

You probably have to make a gateway network

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I did make a connection between my gateways; however, I would like to have access to the database of gateway 1 on gateway 2. I tried tag history as well but that does not work for my application. I want to be able to query for that database from the 2nd gateway not sure how much feasible is this?

i dont know:/ ive not tried gateway networks yet, in the doc they dont really mention the db connections, but the tag histroy should definitly work tho.
maybe try a diagnostics? see if you succeed in everything there

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The tag history works, I do see the connection; however, with tag history, I am not able to query from the database.

This isn’t possible. You can define remote providers for history, tags, etc… but there is no “database proxy” functionality.

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Thank you for your response, @Kevin.Herron

Though you cannot do it directly, I think you could use message handlers in the gateways and leverage system.util.sendMessage to from your database-less gateway to the gateway with the database connection and have it return the data.


if you go the way to defining messagehandleers might as well just add a db connection to the other gateway then

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