Executing project through web link

Is there a way to launch the application directly through web link?
like for example if I have a simple html script then it will call the project or jnlp file to directly execute.
so rather than downloading the jnlp file then trigger it to open, I am wondering if it could directly open it via web link something like this:

------> href=“http://localhost:8088/main/system/launch/client/MyApp.jnlp

That’s exactly the kind of link that is currently used. It is a dying technology. Learn to love the native client launchers. At least until Perspective is ready to go.


yes currently I am using the client launcher, I am just trying to figure out how can we link the ignition client to our external web application rather than going to server gateway or executing it through client launcher

Is this what you are looking for? See the last note in the ‘To launch a Client in Applet mode’ section

I know this is possible but please don’t use applet unless you have too! The planets need to align to ensure the user is in the correct browser with applet support enabled and java installed on thier PC. We abandoned this in favor of NCL long ago and never looked back.

I deploy the Client Launcher in an installer file to all our PCs in our company. This way the client launcher install is controlled (and the installer shows up in Windows Programs). With the client launcher in a predictable path on the PC, I don’t see why its not possible to link directly to at least open the launcher. Check this thread for more info Java version client sadness


The key is to make the client launcher work best for your situation and everyone is very different.

Also, I believe there was an idea request out there, but it would be cool if the future client launchers had a URL handler so Ignition projects could be directly launched. Ex: ignition:// url format.

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